Quest Estimating  provides contractors and builders in Australia with estimating software that makes construction processes easier. Major estimating software products from Quest Estimating include Quest Estimator, Quest Takeoff, Quest Earthwork, Quest Trenchwork, Quest Roadwork and Quest Cross-sections. Quest Estimating provides its hardware and software products in Australia and New Zealand.

The Quest Roadwork software from Quest Estimating helps contractors make specific road and highway plans. Cut and fill quantities for roads and highways can also be measured with the help of the software. Contractors can add specifications such as slope, thickness, width and surface types of these roads and highways utilising the Quest Roadwork software from Quest Estimating.

Quest Estimating also provides hardware products to contractors and builders. The hardware products from Quest Estimating are digitisers and accessories. Digitisers from Quest Estimating help contractors in large-scale projects. Quest Estimating provides a new digitiser connected to an ergonomic table for the comfort of customers. Hardware accessories from Quest Estimating include plan holders, mounting brackets, pens, serial cables, power supplies and many more. These hardware products from Quest Estimating comply with the Australian standards of design and quality.