According to Quartzon , a vital component when planning a new pool is choosing the right pool surface. Countless hours can be spent planning the areas surrounding the pool, without giving much thought to the look and feel of the interior pool render.

The interior pool render is just as important to get right as the paving and gardens right around the pool.

Focus is generally placed on the colour of the interior pool surfaces, without looking into the smoothness and durability of that surface. This can often lead to a pool interior that is too slippery and hard to clean, a surface that looks good but fades after a short time, or a surface that is too rough on bathers and feet.

With a Quartzon interior pool render a strong, durable surface that is smooth, yet firm underfoot can be achieved along with vibrant colour.

Quartzon interior pool render is made from quality ingredients, including super-white cement, white quartz, rich metallic oxides and ceramically coated aggregate particles. These components make Quartzon a long-lasting and durable pool interior product that will retain its vibrant colour for many years.

Manufactured and developed in Australia 15 years ago, Quartzon interior pool render is renowned for its smooth surface that provides enough grip for a firm footing without causing abrasions and bruises to feet. This smoothness also makes Quartzon interior pool render an extremely hygienic surface that’s easy to clean.

Quartzon interior pool render is available in a range of nine designer colours that are ceramically fired, not dyed, to ensure it withstands the harsh conditions of a swimming pool.

Quartzon interior pool render is also factory-mixed and packaged under strict quality guidelines and not site-mixed like many other pebble renders, ensuring the surface and colour is consistent.