Barangaroo, the 22-hectare mixed-use waterfront precinct located south of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is a globally renowned urban renewal project that’s fast developing into Sydney’s most vibrant place to work, live, shop and relax.

Transformed from an old, disused container terminal, the sustainably-planned Barangaroo is home to commercial towers, residential apartments, retail stores, hotels and recreational areas with due consideration given to public spaces and parklands. As part of the project, the International Towers Sydney, comprising of three premium high-rise office buildings were built and opened towards the end of 2016.

On completion in 2024, Barangaroo will accommodate more than 23,000 workers and residents, and host thousands of visitors each day.

As specialists in acoustic and thermal materials, Pyrotek provided Soundlag, Wavebar, Quadzero and Sorbertextile P44FR throughout the precinct to control the transfer of noise.

Wavebar and Quadzero were installed into the false ceilings and plenum spaces to control unwanted sound. These noise barrier products were also used to stop HVAC and machinery noises in surrounding cavity spaces.

Pyrotek’s acoustic pipe and duct lagging product, Soundlag was installed around wastewater pipes within the buildings. Thanks to its unique construction, Soundlag functions both as a noise barrier as well as a sound absorber. The aluminium foil facing offers a fire resistant covering with the 6-star rating ensuring compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Lagging conforms to the building standards ensuring effective reduction of the transmission of airborne noise to address acoustic, thermal and vibrational transfer and create a positive urban environment.

The acoustic fabric, Sorbertextile P44FR, was specified to absorb the surrounding noise throughout the precinct. Installed behind perforated panels to provide excellent sound absorption, Sorbertextile P44FR has an elegant appearance and helps prevent fibre release from bulk materials.

Following the installation of Pyrotek noise control products within the commercial and retail precinct of Barangaroo, workers, residents and visitors can enjoy the quiet ambience.