Manufactured, supplied and installed by Firemex, Pyropanel Developments’ 4 hour Pyropanel sliding fire doors prevented the spread of fire between two factories that were used to store carpet, lino and flammable adhesives.

The attached image graphically illustrates the devastation caused by a fire in a storage factory, and the reliability of Pyropanel Developments’ products.

The open area is where a factory used to be located before the fire occurred. This factory was totally destroyed by fire and the rubble has since been removed.

The enclosed area is located directly adjacent to where the fire occurred, and has only received minimal damage from water leakage around and under the sliding door.

It is also worth noting that these doors have been photographed many weeks after the fire, and have been exposed to rain and weather during this time, yet they still remain completely intact on the non fire side.

Evidence of this nature, which thankfully does not occur too often, provides further reassurance of the quality of Pyropanel products, and the need to install and maintain appropriate fire doors and other passive fire protection products.