Architectural Hardware and Doors have supplied and installed Certified Fire and Smoke doors at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Adelaide city centre.

Architectural Hardware and Doors supplied 630 Pyropanel Life safety fire doors (certified smoke leakage doors) for apartment entry and 89 1hr and 2hr fire rated doors for stairwells and other locations at the hotel.

All the fire rated and special purpose products from Pyropanel Developments are tested and approved in accordance with Australian Standard 1530, Part 4, 1990 and British Standard 476, Part 22, 1987.

Therefore, all clients can be confident that these fire doors will perform exactly according to specification.

Pyropanel fire doors are less dense than many other doors available on the market and also very durable. In addition, most of them are trimmed on site to ensure an exact fit without compromising their fire rating.