Now available from Pyropanel Developments , insulated fire windows are designed specifically to protect life and property against the risk of flame and heat transmission.
Pyropanel Developments' insulated fire windows are the typically useful in applications where protection against both flames and heat is required, such as:

  • external building walls
  • fire escapes
  • fire walls
  • fire corridors; and
  • internal and external facades.
Insulated windows are available in a variety of profiles, designed to suit most glazing applications and classifications under the Building Code of Australia. Furthermore, all products are certified to the relevant Australian Standard.

All Pyropanel Developments' insulated windows also use either the Pyropanel-Forster insulated steel framing system, or the Pyropanel fire rated timber framing system.

The insulated steel glass systems are available in either steel frames suitable for powder coating or painting, or high grade stainless steel frames, and are available as single or multi-lite assemblies up to a maximum pane size of approx 2800mm x 1400mm.