Pyropanel Developments  are specialists in fire rated glazing solutions. Their rated glazing systems are suitable for new projects, refurbished buildings and existing walls.

This range of fire rated glazing includes:

  • Steel and timber framed fixed windows
  • Single and double acting doors
  • Glass sliding fire doors
  • Timber faced glass fire doors
  • Steel faced glass fire doors
Pyropanel fire rated glazing is supplied as a certified system consisting of glass and frame. These systems are classified according to their Fire Resistance Level, a requirement of Australian Standards and the Building code of Australia. (e.g. a typical fire rated wall may have a fire resistance level of 120/120/120).

The first number simply refers to how long the fire rated glazing can withstand the spread of fire and still support what it is designed to support. The second number refers to the ability to prevent the spread of flames. And the last number refers to the length of time that the product can prevent the spread of fire due to heat transfer.