The bar-tops offered by Pyrolave Australia can be found in most of the fashionable restaurants, cafes and bars across world. Pyrolave Australia can produce simple straight run in stunning colour to complicated curved style bar-tops. The finish for these bench-tops can be designed by cross linking each scheme. Pyrolave Australia provides bar-tops in various thicknesses that include 30mm, 40mm and 50mm.

The slabs used in the bar-tops offered by Pyrolave Australia require a continuous front support along the design and length of the bars permitting along the back. Overhangs unsupported up to 300mm ensure a support below each joint.

Pyrolave Australia offers swimming pools with glazed lava stone that is suitable for use in pool tank. The glazed lava stone can also be used as a feature band as coping stones or at water level to the perimeter. The stone is inert when it is immersed for a long period in water and is resistant to chemical attack.

Pyrolave Australia provides specially combined drip channel and hand rail, special non-slip effect for coping stones and base tiles and concealed drainage units. A range of vanity tops are provided by Pyrolave Australia ideal for rigorous use in hotels, clubs and restaurants. Pyrolave Australia offers solution to all applications by providing one-off units for stylish bathrooms.