Pureheat  has released their new Fiore and Girosole series of IP65 weatherproof outdoor electric infrared heaters for exterior applications in residential patio heating, smoking area heating and alfresco dining heating for hotels, clubs and hospitality.

With new smoking laws introduced recently in NSW, Victoria and SA, the Pureheat range Fiore provides a safe, functional and low cost solution for infrared electric outdoor heating.

The new outdoor and patio infrared heating range is IP65 weatherproof-rated, providing safety and suitability for most exterior heating applications.

By using the recent in patented technology for quartz infrared electric outdoor heating, the Fiore and Girosole range provides the benefit of direct radiant energy to heat people and objects, just like the sun.

An added benefit of Pureheat’s quartz infrared systems is the instant effect of heat once the heater is switched on.

The Pureheat Fiore range is manufactured in Europe from anti-corrosive polished aluminium and weighs less than 1 kilogram. The glass-free front ensures maximum thermal efficiency and even heat distribution in outdoor heating applications.

There are a number of flexible mounting options for the new Fiore outdoor electric heating system including wall, ceiling and pole mounts.

The heating units are clean, silent and virtually maintenance free, and especially economical when compared to portable gas alternatives.

You can contact Pureheat for a representative to provide a data bulletin and comparative operating cost analysis of the new Fiore and Girosole outdoor heater range.