A new, safe range of electric convection panel heaters with timers, particularly suitable for bathroom applications, has been released by Pureheat . The PH075T model is designed for floor space areas up to 7.5 square metres in standard ceiling height bathrooms.

The Pureheat PH075T panel heater includes a 24 hour timer which can be set to a client’s regular usage of the bathroom and comes complete with a mounting bracket for simple wall fixing. The panel heater provides efficiency, safe operation and energy savings with the timer and thermostat control situated on the front panel.

For added safety in bathrooms, all Pureheat Panel Heaters are IP24 splash-proof rated. The PH075T electric heat element does not glow ‘red’, unlike normal electric heaters, and is safer to use in bathrooms. The element is protected by a unique aluminium cover that is designed to increase the surface area for cold air to flow over when operating. The resulting hot air is then naturally convected through the top outlet, without any moving parts. This provides noise-free running and is excellent for allergy sufferers.

As well, the Pureheat electric panel heater series are supported by a three year full replacement warranty. Additional panel heater wattages are available in 1250 watt, 1500 watt and 2000 watt for larger residential applications.

The PH075T is distributed in Australia by Pureheat Sales, a specialist in wall-mounted, thermostat-controlled electric heaters. The company is Victorian-based and has over 40 years of expertise in manufacturing and distributing for the Australian heating market.