Stylish looks, instant warmth, ultra-economical operation and the heating efficiency of convection panel heaters….with Pureheat’s new Odyssey Eco fan panel heater you get it all. More importantly, Odyssey Eco is proudly Australian-Made and carries the well-known logo. Available in 2 wattages, Odyssey Eco is suitable for apartments, flats and offices up to 35 sq. metres of floor space.  

The recently released Odyssey Eco electric fan panel heater by Pureheat has the following benefits for users:  

  • Heats rooms up to twice as fast as convection panel heaters.
  • Running costs are from a very economical 13¢ per hour which is achieved by heating the room to the desired heat setting and then saving energy by cycling on/off through the thermostat to maintain the selected temperature.
  • Running costs on heating discount tariffs (Tas.) from 10¢ per hour to run.
  • The whisper-quiet fan of Odyssey Eco costs less than ½ of 1¢ per hour to operate.
  • Stylish design.
  • Safe, low surface temperature during operation.
  • Australian-Made. Australian-Owned Company.
  • 2400 & 3500 watt models with optional timers available in each model.
  • All packaging materials for Odyssey Eco are 100% recyclable  
The new Odyssey Eco fan panel heater is released as an addition to Pureheat’s continuous operation Odyssey range with the unique high/low variable thermostat control.  

Pureheat has supplied locally-manufactured and imported heating systems to the Australian market for over 40 years and has distributing agents in most states.  

To obtain Odyssey Eco product downloads or for agent details in each state please visit the Pureheat website.