The new Pureheat Sales ’ Fiore outdoor electric heating system has been installed at the Delatite Hotel, Mansfield in the heart of the Victorian high country. The system comprises 4 x 1800 watt Fiore outdoor heaters, which were chosen for their radiant heating capability and weatherproof IP65 rating.

The new electric heaters provide back-to-back warmth for smokers near the under-awning section of the historic hotel as well as heating the patrons seated on the streetscape tables. A local contractor installed a beam located between the main pillars in conjunction with Pureheat Sales’ recommendation to the owners, Paul and Toni Appleby.

Pureheat Sales’ Fiore electric outdoor heater is a 1800W system combining a waterproof rating (IP65), lightweight material and radiant infra-red warmth. The Fiore outdoor heater weighs less than 1kg and is available in three flexible mounting options. Constructed of anti-corrosive aluminium, the Fiore outdoor electric heating system is suitable for coastal areas affected by salt-water corrosion issues.

The Fiore electric outdoor heating system is an extension of the Pureheat range in exterior applications. The Girosole 3600W electric outdoor heater series for larger areas compliments Pureheat’s Fiore range. Both outdoor heaters have been available for commercial and residential heating for over 12 months in Australia. The larger units are suitable for outdoor heating for hospitality smoking areas, shopping strips and aquatic/recreational facilities. All the Fiore and Girosole heating system range have IP65 waterproof-rating and are low-cost to run when compared to LPG patio heaters.

Pureheat Sales manufacture and import electric heaters for commercial and residential heating applications. The range also includes products imported from well-known European heating suppliers.