Odyssey Eco electric fan panel heaters available from Pureheat Sales offer an economical choice for wall-mounted electric heating of most rooms that measure up to 35 sq. metres. Odyssey Eco electric panel heaters can be used in homes, apartments and offices where instant heat and economical warmth is required.

The Pureheat Eco electric panel heater range is Australian made and has been designed as an alternative to convection panel heaters. A major feature of Odyssey Eco is the heater operation on the same on/off thermostat cycling as leading European convection panel heaters.

Odyssey Eco fan panel heaters effectively heat most rooms almost twice as quickly as panels. By reaching thermostat control faster by way of an economical, whisper-quiet fan, the Odyssey Eco electric panel heater will help to save energy and operate for the same or lower cost as convection panel heaters.

Pureheat’s Odyssey Eco electric panel heaters have a slick and contemporary design and are available in a choice of 2400 or 3500 watts with both heaters offering an optional 24hr programmable timer model. A 2-Year warranty is offered on all Odyssey series fan panel heaters.