Pureablue has introduced a new fit-for-purpose restroom door latch designed to address privacy issues in public restrooms caused by intentional or accidental damage.

Pureablue’s Head of Product Development, Josh Willoughby explains that doors and locks on public restrooms are constantly damaged by vandals or even accidentally when the doors are slammed shut with the lock tongue extended. Site repairs can be difficult and even costly especially when entire doors need to be replaced. Damaged latches can also cause a lot of frustration for users when they cannot lock the door, putting constant pressure on facility managers to address the matter promptly.

Additionally, a number of commercially available latches are yet to be upgraded to comply with the mandated AS1428.1(2009) lever dimensions.

Pureablue’s new range of restroom privacy latches has been developed to address all these issues. Compliant with the lever action requirement of the Standard, the system cannot be deployed and the door slammed at the same time, eliminating damage. Fabricated from 4mm stainless steel, it is a fit-for-purpose latch for public restrooms and offers enhanced vandal resistance.

The Pureablue privacy latch system can be specified for new restroom projects or retrofitted to an existing facility.