Pureablue installed a pre-fabricated restroom at the Purga Nature Reserve for the benefit of visiting school children.   

Purga Nature Reserve, located south-west of Ipswich is a popular bush-education site for school children visiting on day excursions.  

The remote location did not have municipal sewer or water facilities. Additionally, the sensitive wetlands area required a ‘zero-discharge-to-ground’ collection well waste system.

Pureablue installed a Countrystyle CS2 restroom with two disabled access booths (AS1428.1 2001 compliant) connected to a 10,000L CWT collection well waste system.  

The concrete collection well is structurally approved to provide the structural foundations of the building. The below ground installation also eliminated the need for stairs or ramps to access the toilet.

Waste in the collection well is removed from the site and treated at a municipal sewerage treatment plant periodically depending on the usage. This eliminates the OH&S challenges and vandalism risks that facility managers face when operating public restrooms with on-site waste treatment systems.

In addition to providing a high quality product finish, Pureablue was able to install the restroom with minimal on-site work resulting in cost and time savings.