Pureablue recently completed a public restroom facility project at the Casuarina Sands picnic area in ACT.  

The Casuarina Sands picnic area was upgraded to provide an alternate recreation area while the Cotter River water supply project was constructed west of Canberra.

Pureablue was engaged to design a restroom facility comprising of two disabled access booths (AS 1428.1 2001), 4 standard booths and after-swimming outdoor showers.

Key drivers for the public restrooms included vandal-resistant design and features since the project was located in a remote site.  

The final design consisted of two Pureablue CAB 3 toilet buildings with Conablue Stainless+ Concrete panel system on each side of a common circulation space. Conablue Stainless+ Concrete is a concrete pre-cast panel system with integral stainless steel internal lining.  

Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) guidelines encourage that all booths open to an open common area in full view of all adjacent picnic shelters and playground areas.  

Key features of the restroom facilities: 

  • Common circulation space covered by a raised roof portico supported by two concrete columns 
  • Cold water beach showers with all fixtures embedded in the concrete columns away from vandal attack 
  • All cisterns, drainage plumbing, water in plumbing and sharps collection unit are located in the rear of the building plant room or enclosed in cast in wall cavities with stainless steel covers fixed by tamperproof fasteners