Pureablue  has provided a range of building solutions. Breezyloo Standard is one of the solutions provided by Pureablue and it constitutes a single booth. Breezyloo Disabled is a disabled access complaint booth building. Any of the waste treatment systems from Pureablue like the sewer, collection well or the on-site treatment systems can be configured with these booths.

The Countrystyle booths are CS1, CS2, and CS3 ranges. CS1 is a single booth building. CS2 is a dual disabled access booth building. CS3 has two standard booths and one disabled access complaint booth.

The Windyloo Standard and Disabled are single booth buildings. Windyloo dual is a two booth building.. CAB One is a single disabled access complaint booth and CAB Two is a two booth building. The Specialty of CAB One and Two is that the walls of the booths are made of precast concrete and stainless steel. The exterior of the booth is anti-graffiti treated.

Conablue is one of their new project and is also made using concrete panels and stainless steel. All the booths from Pureablue are available in a range of colours and suit any of the waste system configurations.