Pryda Australia  has a wide range of timber connectors that have been engineered and manufactured to high performance specifications and quality levels.  

During recent years, a number of substitute products have entered the market without the same level of engineering and technical support.

Fabricators and builders contemplating using substitute timber connectors must be satisfied that these alternatives are suitable for the job. They should also be satisfied that the substitute timber connectors are backed by the appropriate technical support.

Timber connectors are structural elements within a building, and a truss and frame system typically relies on these for its performance and structural integrity. It is imperative that these timber connectors also meet the required specifications and have full technical backing. The use of inferior products could invalidate the roof or frame design.

Most Pryda products are made from G300, Z275 Blue Scope galvanised steel that has been manufactured to a high quality. Alternatives being offered may not be of such a high grade.

Additionally, numerous products require just 2.80mm diameter nails, which may be inadequate for the task. Pryda products specify 3.15mm nails, so alternatives will need more nails to achieve the same capacity.

Pryda takes great pride in its products developed over many years with exhaustive testing and ongoing development. Quality is foremost – in the steel used, corrosion resistance, suitability, innovation, technical support and other areas.