Pryda Australia  has developed a new range of 90mm batten straps in response to recent alterations to the timber code and the resultant change in batten sizes demanded by builders.  

The Pryda batten straps range now caters for both 70mm and 90mm timber. They are factory bent to suit 70mm and 90mm battens, are quick and easy to install and have in-built sharp pointed claw nails for more effective penetration of both softwoods and hardwoods.  

Builders will notice considerable savings in construction time and costs because the new Pryda batten straps are faster and easier to install.  

Manufactured from code G300-Z275 compliant steel, the new batten straps meet tie-down requirements for all wind zones including C3.  

The 90mm batten straps can be supplied by Pryda truss manufacturers or reputable timber merchants.