Pryda Australia has announced that its independent structural design software certification has been completed and accepted by a number of approval authorities in South Australia, in accordance to the new variation to the Building Code of Australia 2010 (BCA-2010).   

Technical Director for the Pryda Group, Graham Cooper, says; “The Government of South Australia, Department of Planning and Local Government, has advised that there is a mandatory variation to the Building Code of Australia 2010 (BCA-2010). The Minister’s Specification A2.2 ‘Structural engineering software’ (May 2010) is now a mandatory document applicable to South Australia, and came into effect on 1st May 2010. This Specification was based on the Australian Building Control Board’s Handbook ‘The Use of Structural Software for Building Design Approval’ (2007).”  

Compliance with the Minister’s Specification intends to give building surveyors greater confidence that the design is compliant with the BCA and as such, an independent structural engineering check will not be required for individual development application.  

Graham states, “In Pryda’s latest software release, Pryda Build i, additional items of training confirmation are now automatically printed out on the Producer Statement so that separate lists of trained personnel are not required. This is of considerable benefit to approval authorities, and to fabricators using this design software.”  

In South Australia, all Pryda fabricators have been trained in Pryda Build V2. The most recent version of Pryda structural design software, Pryda Build i,  has converged all data (roof ,walls and floor systems) into one package, and will be installed at a variety of South Australian fabrication plants over the next few months.