Pryda Australia  introduces a new range of 90mm cyclonic grips designed for use in high wind regions for tying roof trusses.
The new cyclonic grips have been added to the Pryda range to suit the increasingly popular 90mm steel frame.
Complementing Pryda’s high capacity tie down product range including tie down plates, grips and overstraps that provide uplift capacity up to 100kN, the new 90mm cyclonic grips can achieve tie down capacities up to 14kN. When doubled up with an overstrap to tie down a timber truss on stiffened steel top plates, the grip can achieve up to 38kN capacity.
The existing cyclonic grip is 58mm wide and has been specifically developed for steel frames with a stiffened top plate.
Pryda’s 90mm cyclonic grip can be fixed to steel top plates using M6x22mm GX screws or 10 gauge x 16mm Teks screws. If the grip is fixed to timber top plates, 12 gauge x 35mm type 17 screws are recommended.
The design data for Pryda’s complete cyclonic grip range is available in the Product Update section of the Pryda website.