Pryda Australia  introduces a new range of tie-down and truss-to-truss connection products designed for the high wind zones of Australia.  

Installing trusses in the high wind zones of north-west, Western Australia and far north Queensland has always created problems since conventional tie-downs fabricated by truss plants using the services of their local engineering workshop often are not supported by design data.    

Pryda’s high capacity tie-downs are available in roof tie-down capacities of up to 100 kN and are supported with design data and installation instructions. The products also accommodate the tie-down of timber trusses to steel wall frames.  

Pryda’s product range includes the high capacity tie-down kits that include an 8mm galvanised plate, under washer, threaded rod, Nylock nuts and domed washers to accommodate the varying angles of the truss.  

Designed with the hole locations positioned, the plate can be orientated for use with single, double or triple laminated trusses.  

The high capacity tie-down kits are available in two options including truss tie-down to timber wall frames (HCTD) and truss tie-down to steel wall frames (HCTD/WA).  

Cyclonic grips (PCG) are typically used in cyclonic areas for tying down roof trusses or other roof members to a steel wall frame with a heavy duty steel or stiffened top plate.  

A single cyclonic grip can achieve uplift capacities of 15kN and capacities up to 38kN can be accomplished when doubled up and fitted with an over-strap.  

Pryda supplies over-straps to suit single 35mm and 45mm as well as double 35mm trusses.  

The Pryda cyclone strap range also includes a 900mm strap manufactured from 1.2mm thick G300-Z275 galvanised steel (QHS9/2). When doubled up, the cyclone strap wrapped around the truss can achieve uplift capacities of 30kN.  

Hold-down brackets (MPCPAH) from Pryda are typically used to tie down the truss to the top plate using an M12 threaded rod anchored into the concrete slab. When doubled up, capacities of up to 20kN can be realised.  

Pryda’s roof truss tie-downs also include twin fin heavy duty truss boots (TBHD75/T) featuring an additional anti-rotation leg that prevents twisting of the bottom chord of the girder and also enhances the uplift capacity of the truss boot.  

Design capacities of up to 50kN can be achieved with these tie-downs.