With more multi storey housing bring built in the far north, Cairns Hardware has recently added the manufacture and supply of Pryda Australia ’s Longreach floor trusses to its roof truss manufacturing business.

Kurt Stancombe, North Queensland Manager for Pryda Australia explained, “Cairns Hardware’s first floor truss project was delivered to site earlier this month and discussions are taking place with other builders to supply Pryda Longreach in lieu of conventional solid joist or suspended slab on upcoming projects.”

Jay Kennedy, Manager of Cairns Hardware – Truss Division, is excited at the prospect of having key builders in the region taking an interest in Pryda Longreach floor trusses as a flooring system and explained that with the cost savings over traditional methods and time saved on site, builders in the north are bound to love them. “And it seems they do love them. Builder, Jeff Lynch was impressed with the ease and speed of the floor truss installation, the stiffness of the floor and of course the cost savings over LVL joists for the 7.5 metre clear spans for his current project at Trinity Beach. It was Jeff’s first time installing the Pryda Longreach floor truss system and he was keen to mention it will not be his last. He is already looking to incorporate the floor system in his next project,” he said.

Jay is keen to investigate specialised equipment for Pryda Longreach roof truss production, emphasising the numerous positive aspects of the product, such as reclaiming timber shorts that would otherwise be discarded, ease of detailing and manufacture and the large openings for services.

Jay and the team at Cairns Hardware are showing such enthusiasm for the Pryda floor truss systems that it isn’t such a “long reach” to see them revolutionising the two storey residential and unit development building practices in the far north.