Protective Coatings Australia  have access to innovative coating products, chemical technology and application process techniques. Protective Coatings Australia offer low volatile organic compound (VOC) rating products that are safe and environmentally friendly. Protective Coatings Australia use an extensive range of application methods. Products are available in a wide range of colours to suit individual specific requirement.

Protective Coatings Australia provide protective and safety coating application service. Protective Coatings Australia associate with major manufacturers and distributors of coating products to provide optimum coating solutions.

Protective Coatings Australia work with new and updated products to safeguard the building. Protective Coatings Australia first identify the problem and then specify a suitable solution. They also work with pre specified products. Protective Coatings Australia work with a variety of mediums such as epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, liquid rubber, ceramic and fluoro polymer.

Individuals who wish to protect their businesses and investments from defacing by graffitists, or waterproof nominated areas of their building, both internally and externally, can utilise the solutions provided by Protective Coatings Australia.

Protective Coatings Australia offer their services to the commercial, industrial and civil sectors such as markets, independent businesses, government departments, architects, construction companies, corporate bodies, strata management, hotel and hospitality, medical and aged care, educational, retail, industrial, military and transport sectors.