The various products offered by Protect Crete include cure and seal, densi-proof, densi-proof plus series, grippa safe, luster keep, luster shield, medi-vet, mix water enhancer, moisture fix, surface repeller and surface save and seal.

Luster shield manufactured by Protect Crete is a protective concrete coating that makes the surfaces more stain resistant and provides water repellence with glossy finish. These luster shields from Protect Crete provides an attractive sheen finish and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. It minimises the chemical and acid attack.

Protect Crete’s luster shield provides integrity, flexibility and extra strength to the concrete. The concrete coating is easy and safe to apply and enhances the traction lowers slip potential. The luster shield also provides waterproofs and consolidates the sand between pavers with excellent chemical, oil, water and acid repellence.

The mix water enhancer manufactured by Protect Crete eliminates the causes of early age thermal, dry shrinkage and plastic cracking, thus making the concrete virtually impermeable. The water enhancer increases the tensile and flexural strengths and provides strong bond of concrete to steel. It also provides greater density, reduced leaching and efflorescence. These water enhancers make the concrete more durable by reducing the slab curl.