Protect Crete  manufactures one of the world’s most technically advanced system for moisture proofing, permanent concrete repair and protection treatments. The extensive product range offered by Protect Crete has been uniquely formulated providing safe, cost effective and permanent solution that can stand the test of time.

The various products offered by Protect Crete includes cure and seal, densi-proof, densi-proof plus series, grippa safe, luster keep, luster shield, medi-vet, mix water enhancer, moisture fix, surface repeller and surface save and seal. Densi-proof manufactured by Protect Crete provides a concrete densifying solution by penetrating to extraordinary depths permanently.

The Densi-proof from Protect Crete purges out odours from old slabs and years of contamination. These products are tested to 300ft of field tests and 150ft of hydrostatic pressure tests. It can accept floor coatings and coverings after 24 hours and protects against chemical and urine ingress. This product is user friendly, environmentally safe and increases the surface abrasion resistance.

The Densi-proof offered by Protect Crete serves as a one time permanent application and forms a permanent colloidal gel. Apart from concrete densifying solution, it also minimises the acid and chemical attack and makes the concrete more durable. The Densi-proof is easy and safe to apply and prevents efflorescence.