Promat International (Asia Pacific)  is an integral part of International Etex Group of companies and is specialist in manufacturing proactive fire protection products. Promat International (Asia Pacific) is also involved in offering glazing, boards and penetration seals.

VICUCLAD vermiculate board from Promat International (Asia Pacific) is a non combustible board where the cellular structure of vermiculite is maintained through pre-treatment process. VICUCLAD vermiculate board offer thermal insulation and are stable at high temperatures.

VICUCLAD vermiculate board is used for protecting sheet metal ducts, for fire protection purposes of structural elements and for construction of smoke extraction ducts. These VICUCLAD vermiculate boards are available in two forms and are also provided in semi circular sections called as Vicutube. Vicutube is ideal for protecting plastic pipes and circular steel sections. VICUCLAD vermiculate board is ideal for fire doors, steelworks, ductwork, panels and access hatch.

PROMINA 60 matrix engineered mineral board from Promat International (Asia Pacific) is ideal for cladding and fabrication of components prone to fire protection requirements. Wide ranges of fire protection building products are available from Promat International (Asia Pacific). PROMINA 60 matrix engineered mineral board is non combustible and the inorganic properties present will not support the growth of mould and pests.