Promat Australia announces the launch of a new fire-resistant, two-way loadbearing floor/ ceiling system.

The new Promat SYSTEMPANEL 2G is an innovative lightweight floor/ ceiling system with loadbearing properties that provides fire protection from above and below. While the floor system is based on a combination of Promat SYSTEMPANEL 2G board and 18mm thick fibre cement, the ceiling uses Promat PROMATECT 100 board.

Promat SYSTEMPANEL 2G has been fire-tested from both directions, unlike many other systems on the market.

Promat’s floor/ ceiling system has approvals for FRLs ranging from 60/60/60 to 120/120/120. The thickness and number of layers depend on the Fire Resistance Level required. A variety of framing elements are approved including timber, LVL and steel.

More about board thickness and framing requirements here.