A major conference held in Sydney earlier this year on tunnelling drew participation from several national and international experts with wide-ranging discussions and presentations taking place during the two-day event. Promat Australia, a leading global supplier of proven tunnel solutions, sponsored the conference.

The highly interactive conference held in Sydney on 22nd and 23rd February 2017, discussed, among others, implementing operation and maintenance (O&M) needs in tunnel design; methodologies to improve operational processes; working with emergency services to improve response and disaster recovery; and new tunnel technology solutions for reduced operational costs.

Various tunnel projects such as WestConnex Stages 1-3, NorthConnex, Melbourne Metro, Airport Link/Legacy Way and Cross River Rail were discussed through case studies presented at the conference.

Keynote speakers from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia also provided the delegates in-depth insight for many of the problems faced by tunnel designers, engineers, suppliers and operators. The interaction between conference delegates, participants and visitors to the exhibition enhanced increased awareness for better tunnel safety and future business opportunities.