The Fire Collar Selector App introduced by Promat Australia Pty Ltd simplifies compliance by enabling you to choose the right fire collar for your application.

Designed with the installer in mind, the Promat Fire Collar Selector App eliminates any doubt about the selection of fire collars with regard to its suitability for the specific installation. The App is very simple to use, requiring the selection of only a few parameters to get an answer.

The Promat Fire Collar Selector App contains data for a large variety of wall and floor types, different pipe types as well as a variety of pipe sizes and Fire Resistance Levels (FRL). You can also select whether you need floor waste or stack approvals as well as fitting or no fitting. Both cast-in and retrofit Promat collars are included in the selection.

Once your selection is made, you will be given an image of the collar along with its name and code to simplify the ordering process. You can also use the provided link to access further details of the fire collar. The App also gives you the option to receive a test report or connect with Promat’s expert technical team.

Watch a run through of the App in action.

The Promat Fire Collar Selector App is available to download for free from the App Store or Google Play.