The new Youth Hostels of Australia facility, designed by Architects Alexander Tzannes, recently opened its doors. The building is raised to protect the artifacts in an existing archaeological site underneath the building.  

The roof deck area overlooks the harbour and was designed to be used by guests for entertainment and relaxing. Waterproofing of this area was critical as it sits over the hostel’s rooms.

Wolfin waterproofing system was specified for the project by Tzannes Architects due to its proven track record in similar areas.

The membrane of the Wolfin GWSK waterproofing system was terminated using Wolfin’s stainless steel profile system rather than the normal Wolfin galvanised steel. The stainless steel system was chosen because of the building’s proximity to the salt water of the harbour.

The Wolfin waterproofing installation was conducted by GRG Waterproofing, experienced and licensed Wolfin applicators. This allowed Wolfin to be able to issue a combined single-point labour and materials warranty on the waterproofing.

Wolfin waterproofing systems are available from Projex Group .