A private art gallery is currently under construction near Harden, southern New South Wales. 

The two-storey building is set into the side of a hill overlooking lush pastures and grazing cattle. The atmosphere in and around the gallery is one of serenity and peace.

Many of the exterior walls above ground are constructed of rammed earth, which adds to the stunning beauty of this building and gives it much stronger ties to the surrounding countryside.

On the opposite side of the hill is a large dam that sits higher than the gallery.

The Wolfin membrane system was specified for the waterproofing of critical areas including the vertical tanking and the open plant roof decks. 

One of the many challenges faced by the Wolfin installer were two groups of service pipes that entered the building through the retaining walls below ground level.

The services included potable water, wastewater, sewerage, electrical, and gas. Wolfin, a polyester/PVC sheet membrane, was welded directly to the PVC pipes with a cold welding solvent, ensuring a guaranteed waterproof solution.

Select Waterproofing, a licensed and experienced Wolfin applicator, has carried out the installation of the Wolfin waterproofing system on this project.

All stages of the waterproofing have been inspected by representatives of Wolfin Membranes Australia (WMA) - a member of the Projex Group - as part of the WMA Quality Assurance régime that is in place for all Wolfin installations undertaken in Australia.