Taronga Zoo’s new Great Southern Ocean exhibit was opened in March. The new precinct is the largest building project undertaken by the zoo in its 91-year history.

The new area features sea lions, fur seals, pelicans and penguins in their natural marine habitat with viewing areas both above and below water.

The architects Jackson Teece Architecture not only developed the concepts and designs, but were heavily involved in the detailing of the project.

Because of the sensitivity of the animals to water cleanliness and consistency, a large amount of sensitive pumping, filtering and analysis equipment needed to be installed on site to maintain all the different marine animal tanks.

This equipment was installed below the seating of the Seal Amphitheatre. Because of the sensitive nature (and expense) of this equipment Wolfin IB membrane, available from Projex Group , was selected to waterproof the building housing the machinery – upon which the seating for the amphitheatre (for the Seal Shows) was later installed.

In addition to the machinery waterproofing other areas deemed critical in this new exhibit were the penguin enclosure and beach, the penguin holding pens and the pedestrian walkways over plant rooms all of which were waterproofed using the Wolfin System.

JTA and the Zoo selected Wolfin, because of its track record at the zoo where it has successfully waterproofed the gorilla enclosure and critical areas of the elephant enclosure as well as numerous other critical applications close to salt water.

Omega Building Services, experienced Wolfin applicators with extensive experience in installations of this type, were contracted to carry out the works.

Because of the projects proximity to Sydney Harbour, Wolfin’s standard galvanised steel profiles (Gal steel with the Wolfin membrane pre-bonded to it) were replaced with stainless steel Wolfin-coated profiles.