Usually when people read about Wolfin they read about the unusual, particularly difficult or larger projects that require waterproofing.

Examples in the past have included The Conservatorium of Music, Green roofs, Waterproofing below the water table, sealing the Australian National Library podium deck, waterproofing tanks, bridge waterproofing or particularly sensitive hospital roofs.

In addition to this type of difficult or awkward work Wolfin also regularly seal the roofs and balconies of ordinary apartment buildings. Such buildings include Park Plaza at Burwood where the existing liquid membrane failed within a relatively short time after the building was completed.

The job was not quite straight-forward because the roof is festooned with large quantities of pipes, plinths, dwarf walls, ducts, vents, skylights, tanks and a satellite TV Dish.

The Wolfin was laid directly over the existing (failed) liquid membrane and the existing ballast was reinstated over new Wolfin membrane.

Specially made Wolfinsteel profiles were used to detail to most of the plinths, walls and ducts whilst other proprietory Wolfin details were used to seal the remainder of the penetrations and terminations. Projex Shockmat was laid between the Wolfin and the machinery on the roof so that noise transmission through vibration was minimised.

The Wolfin System was specified because of its track record in carrying out remedial works successfully and because of its one-part warranty on both materials and labour.

The Wolfin System was installed by Crest Waterproofing, an experienced licensed Wolfin applicator. The Wolfin System is available from Projex Group .