19 Glassop St in Birchgrove is a 1980s block of 30 units overlooking little known Spectacle Island. Because the block is so exposed to the spray from the Parramatta River, much of the concrete at the rear of the building had started to deteriorate.

Builder, Tony Sidati was employed to rectify the damaged concrete and prevent future concrete erosion in critical areas. The most damaged section of the building was the concrete awnings over the balconies at the rear of the building overlooking the island.

Accordingly these awnings were waterproofed using Wolfin S self-adhesive membrane complete with Wolfin stainless steel profiles. The Wolfin was chosen because of its excellent track record in waterproofing adjacent to salt water and its ability to withstand movement.

Abasco Waterproofing, experienced and licensed Wolfin applicators, carried out the waterproofing installation of the Wolfin.