Techton Group, architects, has designed a new house immediately adjacent to Botany Bay at Sandringham. The views are panoramic and the house has been designed so that the bay seems like an extension of the house.

Because of the proximity to the water and the elegant finishes, the builders and architects were concerned that the structure should be completely waterproof. Accordingly, the Wolfin Waterproofing System was specified for the major waterproofing components of the house. Wolfin Waterproofing System was specified on the roof, balconies and the basement home theatre.

The home theatre was built at a level which meant that at high tide the floor of the room was some 3 metres below the high-water mark. This part of the house was completed some two years ago (December 2004) and current inspection (December 2006) shows that the sump and pump installed at the bottom of the room are completely dry and the pump seals have not been wet at any time (see photo of sump pit).

The Wolfin installation was carried out by Duraseal Waterproofing, an experienced licensed Wolfin applicator. Wolfin themselves were able to issue a combined labour and materials warranty on the waterproofing, as opposed to the usual separate labour and materials warranties.