Leaks in swimming pools can be caused by any number of reasons and are also tricky to detect.

There are several tried and tested ways to locate leaks in pools. However, it is important to confirm that the water loss is caused by a leak and not through excessive splashing or rapid evaporation due to extreme temperatures.

Pools with leaks often lose more than a quarter inch of water per day. To check if the pool is losing more water than this quantity, one can simply mark the level of water in the pool using a piece of tape and check the level of water 24 hours later.

Another test involves placing a bucket containing pool water on one of the pool steps. The water level inside the bucket and in the pool should be the same with the level marked on the bucket. The levels should be checked 24 hours later, or over a period of several days. If there’s a significant difference in water level outside the bucket compared to inside, the leak is confirmed.

To locate the leak, the pool should be filled to its normal level and marked. With the filter system running, the level of water and water loss should be noted after 12-24 hours. The test needs to be repeated on another day at the same time, this time with the filter system off.

If the water loss is significant with the filter on, it means the leak is somewhere past the impeller of the pump. More water loss with the filter off means the leak is somewhere before the impeller of the pump. If there is significant water loss in both instances, then the leak is somewhere in the pool’s structure and not in the plumbing.

For leaks involving plumbing, it is best to hire professionals at leak detection.

To locate leaks in the structure of the pool, one will need some food colouring, dye or ink. After turning off the pump, one will have to get into the pool and look for any visible cracks. If there aren’t any, a tiny amount of colouring can be squeezed near the objects that pierce the shell of the pool such as the lights, main drain and the mouth of the skimmer. Cracks will show up when the colouring disappears into them.

These areas can be easily plugged using a durable waterproofing material such as those from the Koster remedial waterproofing products range. Vinyl pool owners will need to contact a professional as vinyl liners can be very difficult to repair.

Projex Group  offers a comprehensive range of waterproofing products to plug leaks in concrete pools as well as in basements and other residential and commercial areas.