Shockmat structural protection matting from Projex Group is manufactured from reclaimed rubber which has been bonded together with high quality polyurethanes. It is supplied in a roll and comes in 5 mm or 10 mm thicknesses.

This product can be laid down loose or bonded down with an adhesive. It can be walked on immediately after being installed and installation is possible in all weather conditions. It is non toxic and resistant to construction acids, alkaline solutions and the corrosive effects of the elements. Shockmat is also water permeable, chemical neutral and cannot be electrostatically charged.

Its properties make it an ideal material to use for the protection of waterproofing membranes, ballast protection and as a sound reducing medium. This matting has many practical applications. These include:

  • Garden beds
  • Gymnasium flooring
  • Ice rink walkways
  • On truck and utility trays
  • Partition walls
  • Railway bridges
  • Rooftops
  • Under machinery