Projex Group  has developed a high quality protective matting solution called Shockmat for the construction industry.

Made from reclaimed rubber or recycled car tyres bound together by polyurethanes, Shockmat matting is supplied in rolls. Originally manufactured as a membrane protector, Shockwave today finds use in several commercial and industrial applications from waterproofing to acoustic flooring.

Projex Group’s high quality protective matting product, Shockmat is available in 10mm or 5mm thickness, meeting Australia’s standard requirements for domestic acoustic matting and is certified by the CSIRO.

Shockmat has been extensively used in a number of projects including temporary and permanent waterproof membrane protection, ballast matting for railway bridges, rubber flooring for gyms, garden beds, ice rink walkways, rooftops and industrial matting among others. Some of the structures that have used Shockmat include the Australian Rail bridges, Redfern Oval and Bondi SLSC Gymnasium.

Shockmat is an indispensable tool for a wide range of industrial and commercial acoustic flooring and matting applications.

Key properties of Shockmat protective matting:

  • Resistance to most construction chemicals
  • Resistance to damaging effects of the elements
  • Excellent resistance to impact
  • Sound reducing (ASTM E989-89)
  • Protection to waterproofing membranes
  • Water permeability
  • Toxin-free
  • Can be easily installed compared to tiles or concrete screeds
  • Can be rolled out loose or bonded with an adhesive
  • Can be walked on as soon as installation has been completed
  • Cannot be electrostatically charged
In addition to being Australia’s leading supplier of international waterproofing systems such as Wolfin, Cosmofin and Koster, Projex Group also provides a wide range of products including cable and pipe penetration seals, ballast matting and protection matting.