Material Size Role of 1.25m wide x 6m long x 10mm thick.
Curing No curing required after installation
Temperature Stability -30 + 80 degrees C
Spread of flame index AS 1530.3 and Exceeds BCA Requirements (AS 1276)
Standards Complies to Australian Standards (ASTM E 989-89) CSIRO Tested 2007. (In accordance with ISO 140-8:1997(E) Part 8: & ISO 140-6 Part 6:)
Environmentally Friendly Made from recycled rubber
Applications Bitumen, Acrylic Membranes, Polyurethanes, PVC Sheet, Polyester-PVC Sheet, Polyurea Membranes, Butyl-Rubber Membranes, Concrete, Timber

Recycled rubber protection mat with outstanding impact sound deadening properties from Projex Group. Used as a waterproofing membrane protection, a non-slip walkway or under tiles, stone or timber floors for sound-attenuation.

Projex Group