An Australian Government Institution in Sydney’s South Western suburbs has a highly sensitive building a section of which is below ground with a high water table.

Because of the sensitivity of the material within the building  the architects (Rice Daubney) and the building owner specified that the Wolfin System be used for waterproofing the wall below ground level.

Because of the depth of dampness to which the wall is subjected the whole of the wall from footing to the soffit of the cantilevered slab had to be waterproofed, as did the lower wall/floor junction. A Wolfin AF6 Cast In Reglet was set into the Ground floor slab edge prior to the concrete pour and a Wolfinsteel (P5) termination angle was set into the underside of the over-hanging First floor slab.

The Wolfin was chosen because of its proven track record in waterproofing permanently damp and wet/dry cycle situations. The Wolfin was installed by GRG Waterproofing.