Projex presents Shockmat, a protective mat manufactured in Germany to reduce noise transmission in busy industrial environments.

Made from recycled reclaimed rubber, bonded together with high quality polyurethane and supplied in roll form, Shockmat is available in 5mm and 10mm thickness options. The unique formulation of the mat delivers excellent sound deadening qualities, making it ideal for heavy industrial usage, or where heavy machinery is used.

Shockmat exceeds CSIRO standards for noise transfer through hard surface finishes (ASTM E 989 – 89).

Projex Shockmat is recommended for installation across residential and commercial environments including office buildings, apartments, duplexes and units, houses, hotels, hospitals, schools, libraries and universities, and areas where sound transmission may be a problem.

Projex Shockmat protective mats deliver several benefits including water permeability; non-slip surface for safety; chemically neutral and non-toxic material; protection for waterproofing membranes; simple installation by even waterproofing contractors; sound deadening impact (ISO 717.2-2004); resistance to corrosive effects of air, earth and water; and resistance to construction acids and alkaline solutions.

The protective mats can be walked on immediately after installation; can be loose laid or bonded down; and can be installed in any weather condition.