Continuing the series on the Top 20 favourite green rooftops and rooftop gardens from around the world, Projex Group spotlights The Great Wall of WA by Luigi Rosselli Architects.

Set in a very remote part of Western Australia, The Great Wall of WA is a 230-metre long rammed earth wall, consisting of twelve earth-covered residences reclaimed by the surrounding bushland and sandy plains. Designed to serve a nearby cattle station, the houses provide temporary accommodation during the cattle mustering season.

The houses are built into the side of a sand dune to provide maximum thermal mass, helping maintain the coolest indoor temperatures.

An excellent example of sustainable architecture, the structure is built entirely from locally sourced elements, with the red clay coming from the original site and gravel from a nearby river and borehole. The pavilion that sits above the homes serves as a multi-functional community hub, chapel, and meeting area.

Image © Edward Birch via Luigi Rosselli Architects