A touch of green in an otherwise colourless and drab urban sprawl is always a welcome sight. Rooftop gardens are increasingly invading city spaces, making a chic statement in a very eco-friendly way.

Green spaces integrated into buildings not only add beauty, especially in industrial areas, but also help reduce the environmental impact of industrialisation and urban development. Rooftop gardens in places of work are proven to improve employee morale and productivity.

Projex Group celebrates the world’s shift towards greener, sustainable practices by listing 20 of their favourite green rooftops and rooftop gardens from around the world.

Museé du Quai Branlys, France

The Museé du Quai Branlys located in the heart of Paris, France in close proximity to the Eiffel Tower, is designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel Architects. The museum houses a large collection of exhibits representing the indigenous art and culture of Asia, Africa, the Oceania and the Americas. The striking vertical garden at the world-famous museum is designed by Patrick Blanc.

Image: Museé du Quai Branlys vertical garden