The Chongqing Taoyuanju Community Centre in China takes the third spot in the Top 20 favourite green rooftops listed by Projex Group.

Designed by Vector Architects, the Chongqing Taoyuanju Community Centre showcases a lush expanse of green grass and greener foliage connecting the separate faculties of this community centre in Chongqing. A key design objective involved merging the outline of the new building with the existing landscape, with the architecture itself built to flow with the geographical contours of the area.

The community hub, comprised of three centres - cultural, athletic, and public - is unified under the roof that continuously weaves across the three buildings, which exist separately and independently. Natural light filters in abundantly through skylights, openings, windows, cantilevers, and corridors, helping to blur the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor environments.

Image: Chongqing Taoyuanju Community Centre (Photo via Vector Architects)