The Linkseal pipe penetration system, available from Projex Group , has been widely used in Australia for over 20 years. The Linkseals allow the actual pipe penetration to be sealed as the pipe passes through a wall, floor or bund.

The system, which incorporates sleeves (where necessary) has been used in such diverse situations as Water Treatment plants, Desalination plants, Fuel farms, Oil refineries, Gas plants, Hospitals, Architectural water features and sewage plants.

The Linkseals have even been used on the West Australian-made Fast ferries as a bulkhead seal. The Linkseals are able to be used with potable water as well as heavily polluted sludge. There are oil-compatible models and models, which are fire-rated.

The Linkseal pipe penetration system can withstand over 12 metres of head of water and can be installed under water if necessary.

No specialist knowledge or tools are required to install the Linkseal system but the Australian /New Zealand agents, Projex Group, are available to handle technical enquiries as to size and method of installation.