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    Link-Seal is the only pipe penetration seal you should be using

    Projex Group

    The Link-Seal available from Projex Group is the best option when choosing a pipe penetration seal. Among the many benefits of this modular seal are enhanced corrosion protection, fast and easy installation and a long seal life.

    Based on a patented modular seal design, the Link-Seal is a positive hydrostatic seal that can be used to seal any cylindrical object passing through barriers such as walls, ceilings and floors, and be installed onto pipes made from concrete, metal, ductile iron or plastic.

    Key benefits of Link-Seal modular pipe penetration seals include durability, high performance, long seal life, cost savings, zero maintenance, special application usage, various configuration options to suit the application, adjustment and refitting flexibility, simple installation, and quality assurance.


    Link-Seal modular seals boast high anti-corrosive properties, assuring long-term durability. The seals deliver high performance outcomes even when exposed to hostile environments, extreme temperatures or harsh elements such as UV, ozone, water, hydrocarbons, and a variety of aggressive chemicals.

    High Performance

    Link-Seal modular seals have been rated to 5 bar (500KpA), making them one of the best performing penetration seals in the market offering maximum corrosion protection.

    Long Seal Life and Cost Savings

    Being a permanent seal with an extended working life, Link-Seal assures value for money.

    No Maintenance

    The durable and robust design ensures Link-Seal modular seals don’t need post-installation maintenance.

    Special Usage

    Link-Seal modular seals are commonly used in thermal storage systems, offshore oil rigs and waste and water treatment applications. However, these seals are also available for special applications where they are exposed to extreme temperatures, unique chemical combinations or out-of-round/non-centred applications. Oil-resistant, temperature-resistant and fire-resistant models are also available.

    Configuration Options

    Link-Seal modular seals can be configured to match any specific application with a choice of 17 sizes (for pipes ranging from 10mm to 3.6m in diameter) and a range of materials to suit the requirements of the installation.

    Adjustment and Refitting

    Being a mechanical seal, Link-Seal can be adjusted and refitted if required or reinstalled on new pipes of the same size.

    Easy Installation

    Link-Seal can be installed easily without using any special equipment or tools, requiring just one person using a hand wrench. The pipe penetration seal reduces installation times by as much as 75% when compared with those associated with lead-oakum joints, hand-fitted flashings, mastics or casing boots.

    Quality Assured

    Link-Seal modular seals come with a range of certification and approvals and are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities.

    Image: Being a permanent seal with an extended working life, Link-Seal assures value for money.

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