Projex Group  has recently addressed a need for a range of specialty remedial products for use by competent tradesmen by bringing Koster waterproofing systems to the Australian market.

Renowned for their Wolfin and Cosmofin waterproofing ranges, Projex Groups' decision to bring the German range of Koster waterproofing systems to Australia was made certain based on the company's worldly experience in waterproofing for decades.

Koster waterproofing systems provide a solution in a wide range of projects, including:

  • restoration of heritage buildings
  • reinstallation of failed horizontal barriers in masonry
  • urgent plugging of rushes of water
  • potable water solutions
  • waterproofing from both the positive and negative side of a structure.
Koster waterproofing systems can also be used for rectification of most masonry substrates thanks to technology that is not based on water soluble silicates that only work and react with new concrete.

Koster waterproofing products now available from Projex Group include:

  • KD2 Blitz Powder - a highly reactive powder with an extremely short setting time that can be used to stop rushing water almost instantly
  • KB Flex 200 Sealing Paste - a permanent plastic sealing compound for sealing tubular feedthroughs against moisture and pressurised water
  • NB1 Grey - a cementitious waterproof system for sealing against pressurised and non-pressurised ground water
  • KSK BL Primer - a solvent free low VOC bitumen primer with excellent adhesion to dry and moist substrates.