The Koster waterproofing system from Projex Group was used to waterproof the lift shaft of a new unit block in Pymble by the builder.  

The lift shaft was allowing water in through the base and lower walls. In order to pass Work Cover regulations the shaft had to be completely dry prior to installation of the actual lift.  

The builder decided to use the Koster waterproofing system to waterproof the room from the inside after the external membrane failed.  

Triton Waterproofing used the Koster system comprising of the Koster repair mortar, primer/ hardener and specialised slurry to seal the base and lower walls from the inside.  

The lift shaft is now completely dry in spite of the heavy rains since completion of the work.  

The Koster waterproofing system can withstand up to 13 bar of water pressure when applied from the inside, eliminating the need for complex and costly external works to seal off the leaks on the structure.