A prominent Sydney identity living in Double Bay’s Wallaroy Road had an extensive wine collection in a room built beneath his swimming pool.

Despite adequate ventilation, the room had become increasingly damp and water had started to run down the external shell of the pool within the room, with lime and calcium stains becoming prominent. This resulted in the owner having to move the wine collection so the damp atmosphere wouldn’t damage the labels.

The owner selected the Koster system from Projex Group to waterproof the room from the inside.

The first stage in the installation process of the Koster system was to clean off the effluerescence, before applying Koster Blitzpowder to block the leaks (a handful of powder held tightly against the water leak did the job).

Then the area was primed and sealed off with two coats of Koster NB1 Slurry, leaving a dry, waterproof finish to the pool shell.
Despite the pressure of the swimming pool water and the recent rains, the room is still completely dry, and the wine is now back in place.